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Communicating in english : Healthcare UE 6.2

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communicating-english_gPrésentation de l’éditeur :

This coursebook is aimed at nursing students and provides the necessary tools to communicate in English within the healthcare environment. It will help you acquire a professional vocabulary, in accordance with the objectives outlined in the UE 6.2 module for semesters 1, 2 and 3 of your study programme.

Its progressive methodology is suitable either for use in the classroom, or for self study to reinforce existing language skills. This coursebook
can also be used by healthcare professionals to improve relationships with their English-speaking patients or by those wishing to work abroad.
Divided into 12 units, the coursebook allows you to engage in highfrequency nursing situations while also revising the basics of the language.


Each unit is comprised of pedagogical activities that facilitate language learning:

  • dialogues replicating authentic professional situations;
  • exercises that allow students to develop:

– oral comprehension with questions related to the dialogues and listening exercises;
– oral expression with role-plays and topics for discussion;
– written expression with activities in context;

  • grammar boxes (including practice exercises) to identify and memorize the principle grammatical rules of English;
  • assistance in understanding, acquiring and memorizing professional vocabulary.

A veritable pedagogical tool, the dedicated course website includes recordings of all dialogues, pronunciation activities and glossaries to facilitate comprehension of vocabulary.


Voir le sommaire en PDF, grâce au site Unithèque

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